Vivienne Westwood's Vive La Cocotte turns 20!

Vivienne Westwood's Vive La Cocotte turns 20!

For the women who wore amazing dresses

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Vivienne Westwood celebrates a 20th anniversary milestone with a new limited-edition cocotte collection...

British designer Vivienne Westwood celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Vive La Cocotte with an in-store event in London this week. The collection, which originally showed at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 1995, reflected the designer's fascination with 17th- and 18th-century French salon culture, the arts, literature, politics and their relation to high-society women. 

"This Cocotte corset and dress has been a staple and a classic of the collection," said Brigitte Stepputtis, Westwood's Head of Couture. "It's not like we set out to create a classic. It evolves. We have mastered it to a certain extent but it doesn't stop there. The development goes on over the period of time. We have decided to celebrate the Cocotte corset because it was inspired by strong women in the past who were in charge of their own lives — witty, intelligent women who had their own income and who wore amazing dresses. It was used as a symbol of punk and of rock 'n' roll," continued Stepputtis.

The 20-piece limited-edition collection of Cocotte dresses,  are made of silk satin in light pink as well as a basic black and are priced at Dhs16,500

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