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With a speciality in sourcing some of the world's most rare and unusual pre-owned Hermès pieces, Maia Luxury is a concept that gives new meaning – and value – to the term 'second hand bag'

While the 'vintage' look across new products has become popular of late, with designers like Anya Hindmarch maximising the trend for the current season, nothing says class like a timeless Hermès piece – and a decades-old mint-condition limited edition? All the better. 

Vintage Hermes

Step up Maia Luxury, an online destination with users based all over the globe, founded by former fashion stylist Nicola Robinson in 2011, after noting that high net worth individuals often craved accessories that were highly valuable – yet also highly unique. Items that, "no one else would have but everyone would want..." And vintage Hermès bags fitted the bill. Especially the difficult to find, one-off versions made by the historical fashion house.

"Hermès is synonymous with luxury," explains Robinson. "The incredible craftsmanship makes the bags unique and they are not easy to acquire. They have stood the test of time and I think this is due to their beauty and style but also the fact that each bag is handmade from the finest leather or exotic skin. Beauties like Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin are aspirational and add to the brand's timeless allure."

Noticing a gap in the market, Robinson set about sourcing a collection of rare vintage Hermès bags from around the world, which she sold on to connoisseurs of the brand who desired a specific, discontinued item... And the concept grew from there.

Among the bags currently listed on Maia's website are a 1962 20cm Kelly Vert Fonce in shiny Nilo croc with gold hardware and a 2003 30cm Birkin in orange crocodile – both priced over Dhs200,000.

Vintage Hermes

Maia as its own brand prides itself on ensuring that each bag is authentic and immaculate condition, and half of them listed on the website are sold.

"If the bag is in mint condition and, even better, from a limited collection this will ensure it will be in demand," explains Robinson. For the greatest return, Robinson advises that it's "generally best to invest in the brighter colours as these are harder to source, or go for a discontinued colour. Ostrich, lizard and croc are extremely hard to find in excellent condition so these are valuable items if found."

Vintage Hermes

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