United Nations launches new 10-year global campaign with Benetton

United Nations launches new 10-year global campaign with Benetton

'I Belong'

On Tuesday, the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR and fashion giant United Colors of Benetton partnered to launch the new global 'I Belong' campaign – aimed at ending the legal limbo of statelessness, which affects millions of people around the world 

By 2024, the UNHCR and United Colours of Benetton hope to solve the problem that's faced by more than 10 million people worldwide who lack any nationality. "The goal of eradicating statelessness is looking increasingly possible thanks to dramatic recent progress in the number of states acceding to two key UN human rights treaties," stated the UNHCR while announcing the 'I Belong' campaign.

Speaking on behalf of the unique collaboration, Antonio Guterres, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, said, "We're very happy to have Benetton's strong support and cooperation in putting together the graphics and designing the creative content of the website that will host the campaign."

Benetton and UNHCR said the Italian fashion company's 'I Belong' creative campaign "gives a face and a voice to the world's stateless invisible people". With the strong visual products of the campaign developed by Fabrica, Benetton aims to help the global agency reach 10 million supported in 10 years to end the problem, making the general public more aware of statelessness.  

The new campaign already has a strong following, which includes UNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie and more than 30 celebrities and world opinion leaders, who yesterday published an open letter, saying that 60 years after the UN first agreed to protect stateless people, "now it's time to end statelessness itself." The campaign also urges the public to sign an open letter to end statelessness. 


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