Iconic runway moments: the top 10 fashion shows of 2013

Iconic runway moments: the top 10 fashion shows of 2013

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and more

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Dior in the Red Square, Marc Jacobs farewell show for Louis Vuitton, a dance competition at Jean Paul Gaultier, a giant Chanel globe... join us as we present our top 10 fashion shows of the past year


Dior Show at Red Square

54 years after the brand's first visit to Moscow - the capital of the then Soviet Union - the French fashion house of Christian Dior returned to Russia to arrange a second show in Red Square, the first being held in 1959. The second visit, this time under the creative direction of Raf Simons, was not only a historic event for the Muscovites, but also for the Russian fashion industry in general, putting Dior's show at the top of our Buro 24/7 Russia counterpart's favourites of 2013.

Marc Jacobs bids farewell to Louis Vuitton

Each show Marc Jacobs has directed over the past 16 years at Louis Vuitton have been over-the-top spectacles, and his final show did little to disappoint. The swan song show as the creative director of the house was an amalgamation of all of Jacobs' most memorable shows - the escalators from the Buren-inspired summer collection last year, the old fashion caged hotel elevators, the carousel, the fountain - but this time they were all in black. The show, as always, was beautiful and full of wow-factors, but to say goodbye to the innately talented Marc, was the most difficult of all.

Militant step-dancers at Rick Owens

Instead of models, Rick Owens sent several teams of warlike step-dancers down the runway. The fierce women pounded their way down the catwalk to the rhythm of the beat wearing sneakers designed by Owens for Adidas. The breathtaking performance the dancers put on by far surpassed any impact a model would have made wearing the same clothing walking down his runway.

Viktor & Rolf's Couture comeback

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the brand, and after a 13-year hiatus, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren returned to show at Couture Fashion Week. Transforming the runway into a Zen garden where a floor covered with raked sand beds and stone arrangements greeted guests, whilst the Dutch designers sat cross-legged on the stage in mindful repose. Perceived as more of an artistic statement rather than simply being a fashion show, the designers certainly made their return to the Couture catwalk a memorable one.

Moschino's jubilee show

On the milestone anniversary of the brand turning 30, the show opened with video footage of founder Franco Moschino, who died in 1994, followed by the curtain opening and an unveiling of Pat Clevelent in the full-skirted "cow" gown (the same gown she wore 30 years ago, in 1983 for the houses first ever fashion show). Other legends such as Violetta, Amalia and Gisele (the original, pre-Bündchen one) followed modeling iconic pieces from the archives. The farewell to Rossella Jardini who has headed up the label since 1994 rather than turning sad was both joyful and inspiring - now we wait to see how the future will roll out with Jeremy Scott as the new art director.

The dance competition was on at Jean Paul Gaultier

Never one to take runway shows too seriously, Jean Paul Gaultier brought some fun into Paris Fashion Week with a show inspired by dance competitions. To make things even more interesting, Gaultier added a touch of cheek with judges who held up signs for models' dancing skills. The most memorable moment for sure (among the many the model made for her self in 2014) was when Coco Rocha dressed as Danny Zuko in a Grease lightening inspired get-up, took the stage with a fellow model resembling Sandy from the famous film.

Post-apocalyptic show at Marc Jacobs

Before the designer's farewell at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs' show for Spring/Summer 2014 completely contrasted all other New York shows that veered towards the typical pastels. The show was both dark and a little sad, skipping the cheerfulness that spring is naturally associated with. The "catastrophic" scenery showcased scattered debris, looking like a bombed-out beach. Just what Jacobs meant to say with the obscure show is unknown, but it looked like he was embracing the sadness of his exit from the Parisian fashion house.

The globe that revolved before our eyes at Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his large-scale approach to everything that revolves around fashion, and in his Autumn/Winter 2013/14 show the Chanel globe reiterated this fact. Revolving right before the eyes of the fashion VIP onlookers, the globe was dotted with hundreds of logo-ed flags showing the location of every Chanel shop, suggestively showcasing the larger-than-life size of the world of Chanel, which has conquered the globe on stage and in reality.

Burning cars at the spring Givenchy show

Broken burning cars, alarm drums, masked models - for 2014, Riccardo Tisci did a lot of thinking about Japan and Africa.  "It's a car crash of the two cultures-the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa," he said. To emphasize his point, Tisci had a smoking collision of vintage Benzes, BMWs, and Jaguars in the center of the catwalk.

A gold show at Dolce & Gabbana

Over the past year, the financial problems of the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have become one of the most discussed topics. In response to all of the talk about money, the designers created a gold "money" collection - creating a beautiful, tongue-in-cheek response to critics.


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