Tiffany Cooper spills 'Karl's Secrets' in new book

Tiffany Cooper spills 'Karl's Secrets' in new book

Cartoon Karl

Illustrator Tiffany Cooper spills the beans on Karl Lagerfeld in her new cartoon ‘biography’ of the iconic designer – ‘Karl’s Secrets’…

Illustrator Tiffany Cooper presents her "improvised biography [of Karl Lagerfeld] – seen through my eyes" titled – Karl's Secrets. The light-hearted cartoon illustrations have been published with Lagerfeld's blessing, in fact he is somewhat of a fan of Cooper, who has even collaborated with the designer on a range of humorous tees. 

The book touches on the wickedly humours elements of Lagerfeld's personality and of course his pristine white pet cat, Choupette, features prominently. But there are some rather more surprising revelations to be uncovered. For example, did you know that he draws with makeup, prefers to sketch in his pyjamas and never cries?

There is even a chapter entitled 'Mega Fat' which reveals Lagerfeld's struggle with weight in the eighties: "If he can agree to that kind of thing, it shows how open-minded he is and the sense of humour he has," said Cooper. "There are not many designers like that. He's very comfortable with his image."

Cooper is known for her off beat portrayal of the fashion world, and regularly collaborates with the quirky-luxe Parisian boutique, Colette. She has already had two successful books published and has featured in a number of leading fashion titles.

Karl's Secrets is out from today in France, published by Marabulles.