The top sustainable brands to know to live a more conscious life in 2019

The top sustainable brands to know to live a more conscious life in 2019

It's time to make a change

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Sustainability has moved from a trend to a lifestyle change. Here's how to make yours in 2019...

The topic of sustainability is one of the hottest points of discussion globally right now. Fashion is (rightly) leading the charge, with talk on how to lessen the industry's total impact on the environment (it's currently the second most polluting industry behind oil and gas) with several beauty and lifestyle brands following suit. And fear not, we're not suggesting you buy less right now, just smarter. To make it easier, we've rounded up the brands on our radars for 2019 to make the 12 months ahead that little bit more eco-friendly...


Last year, ethically-conscious fashion highlighted by the Duchess of Sussex who championed eight different ethical brands whilst on one royal tour, including cult US brand's Rothy's, Reformation and French footwear brand Veja. 2018 also marked the year when local brand BINT THANI decided to switch to sustainable fabrics, when Benjamin Siggers sat down with Buro. Middle East to discuss how they're changing the suit game with their sustainable designs and when handbag brand, Svala, popped up on our radars. 

Whilst brands like Stella McCartney, Everlane and Maison de Mode have led the charge, having adopted the sustainable approach long before it became a hot issue, there's now a new edit of eco-friendly brands that need to be on your radars (and in your wardrobes). We'd keep a particularly close eye on Shapes in the Sand, if we were you. 


It's not fashion brands jumping on the sustainable wagon either with e-tailers, suppliers, spas and even salons now incorporating sustainability into their business strategies. 

Last year, brands like Clarins and CoverGirl introduced more sustainable options for consumers last year, as well as introducing new ethical practices. This year, we think Sephora's latest brand offering, Briogeo, is the one to watch with its natural products made using biomaterials and natural chemistry. 


It's easier than you think to make a sustainable switch in your lifestyle. There's plenty of brands that offer eco-friendly formulas across homewares, exercise accessories and beyond. After all, one small change can make a very big difference. 

Here's to a cleaner 2019. 

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