Watch now: 'The Colours - Inside Chanel'

Watch now: 'The Colours - Inside Chanel'

Coco's favourite shades

Video: YouTube
Image: Chanel

Black, white, beige, gold, red – Chanel gives us an inside look at its founder's preferred colours and why they were her favourite

In Chapter 11 of Inside Chanel, five colours come alive as the French fashion house delves into the history, the anecdotes, and the quotes from Mademoiselle Coco herself.

Colour by colour from black, white, beige, gold and red, the stunning video shows how each hue was immortalised and how their significance still stands in Chanel's collections today.

The short clip is narrated throughout, and also features some of Coco's quotes, starting with black, "Thanks to Chanel black evolved from the garments of servants and those in mourning to become, since 1926, the colour of elegance epitomised by the little black dress." and ending with red " The colour of life and blood." 

Watch the mesmerising video below now: