Age is just a number: 7 successful models over 65

Age is just a number: 7 successful models over 65

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Having spent a lifetime in front of the camera, these seven beautiful models live the phrase "growing old gracefully"

Although today's modelling world is typically a business for the younger female generation, many older women are pulling down these stereotypes, proving that you can be beautiful at any age. Model and stylist Linda Rodin recently became the face of the Olsen twin's brand, The Row – it would not be anything out of the ordinary, if not for one detail, her age of 65. Join us as we look back in appreciation of the models who won't let their age prevent them from being successful muses for the fashion world...


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Daphne Selfe – 85 years old

Daphne Selfe is one of the oldest working models in fashion history - boasting a modelling career which has lasted over 60 years. Selfe retired in the 1950s to raise her three children and originally wanted to leave the modelling business, but a year after her husbands death in 1997, Models 1 Agency approached her and she started work again. Now she seems to busier then ever, with campaigns for Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Nivea and Gap, as well as posing in Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic bra and corset - created especially for Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.


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China Machado – 83 years old

In her youth, China was the muse of Hubert de Givenchy and Richard Avedon. Commenting on the industry today, the model said: "When I modelled, we had to know the clothes. We had to know how to move. These poor girls just come in and they're thrown in the closet and walk out. When I was in Givenchy, the clothes were made on the models, and we were really proud of the clothes we wore, so we showed them in a different way." Now, at the age of 83 she is set to become the face of American brand Cole Haan.


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Carmen Dell'Orefice – 83 years old

Carmen Dell'Orefice will celebrate her 83rd birthday this year, as well as being entered in the Guinness World Records as 'The World's Oldest Supermodel'. Starting her career with a bang - featuring on the cover of Vogue at the tender age of 15 - Carmen has been modelling ever since. Arguably her beauty is more apparent than ever today - her platinum white hair, red lips and high cheekbones all sparkle despite her date of birth. 20 years ago when Carmen turned 60, her career has enjoyed a revival - participating in shows for Christian Dior, Hermes, Moschino, Donna Karan, and being booked as the face of Chanel, Missoni, and Rolex to name a few.


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Jacqueline Murdock – 82 years old

Jacqueline Murdock started her modelling career later in life as she spent most of her career as a dancer at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Her childhood dream of becoming a model has only been fulfilled now at the age of 82. Jacqueline was first noticed after being photographed for senior style blog Advanced Style, which caught the eye of Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, who hired her to model in his autumn/winter ad campaign for 2012.

"From a very young age, I wanted to model and to go to Paris. The opportunity was not there at my time for women of colour. I've always loved style and fashion. I used to go to the movies and see these movie stars in the 30s and 40s. They were so elegant. You know, I'm strictly high fashion" – the model said of her young dreams. 


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Lady Birgit Lee – 78 years old

Lady Birgit Lee, also known as Gitte, started modelling in 1961, once an actress married to the actor Christopher Lee (Saruman from 'Lord of the Rings') - she is still enjoying the spotlight and over 50 years of being happily married. Gitte Lee was the star of the Céline autumn/winter 2010 campaign and was photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia in October 2010. "I realise that the worst aspect of ageing is that you have less time to do all the things you have not yet done. That is, you're running against time, knowing from the outset that it's a lost battle", Gitte said during her Vogue Italia interview.


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Lauren Hutton – 70 years old

The 70 year old iconic model/actress has covered not 1 but 3 magazines last year in 2013 – Muse, The Edit and the Spanish edition of Harper's Bazaar. This classic American beauty has appeared on the cover of American Vogue a record 26 times, as well as being a commercial spokesperson and the face of Revlon cosmetics. The gap in her teeth became her signature look, arguably paving the way for more recent icons such as Vanessa Paradis and Georgia May Jagger.


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Linda Rodin – 65 years old

Linda Rodin is known for her diverse career, she was a model, a fashion stylist, former editor for Harper's Bazaar magazine and the founder of her own skincare range, Rodin. More than forty years after her modelling career began, Rodin returned with a splash - becoming the leading lady of The Row's latest look book, "I think I just really fit the bill for them," Rodin said.  "They're so revolutionary, and I felt that they just really understand what they want as far as their fashion – and they wanted it on older women. It's a flattering thing coming from them because they are so stylish and ahead of the curve. I felt honoured to do it."

Last year Rodin also starred in the spring advertising campaign for Karen Walker eyewear.

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