Saudi designer Nora Al Shaikh showcased at Decades L.A

Saudi designer Nora Al Shaikh showcased at Decades L.A

Throughout the month of August

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On August 8 Saudi design talent Nora Al Shaikh threw an intimate Riyadh-inspired tea party for stylists, fashion personalities and members of L.A's Saudi community at Decades – where her designs will be showcased for the rest of the month

Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos presented Saudi designer Nora Al Shaikh's collection for the first time in L.A. at Decades to a crowd of insiders and celebrities earlier this week. Bridging cultures through a shared appreciation for fashion and design, the intimate event provided a rare opportunity to meet the young talented Riyadh-based designer and discover her coveted line of eveningwear. 

Since launching her namesake label Nora Al Shaikh in 2012, the young Saudi designer has carved out a niche for herself with strong graphic clothes and rich colour combinations. The designer explains: "My approach to design is very personal and I always have a confident modern woman in mind when creating each collection. Fashion can be very inspiring and empowering at the same time, but it's also important to dress women for the many roles they play in their daily lives." 

After receiving a degree in business administration, Nora pursued her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she enrolled at Riyadh's Arts & Skills Institute, which offered the first fashion program of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Shortly after graduating, she presented her first collection in 2009 at Saks Fifth Avenue Riyadh.

The young designer continues to refine her unique approach to luxury sportswear and evening looks that fuse her Saudi heritage with modern cuts. Nora's global approach to fashion is fueled by her love of travel, during which she gathers references to translate into her designs. Whether in Paris, New York or LA, the designer is frequently inspired by architecture, art installations, and the people she encounters on the street. 

Speaking of the new Autumn/Winter 14 collection on display at Decades, Nora said: "I love to create beautifully structured eveningwear with an unexpected twist. For this particular collection I was fascinated by this idea of the future, especially as it relates to architecture. When one looks at movies such as Blade Runner, HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud together with Metropolis and Gatacca, there is a very distinct aesthetic that emerges, where seamless objects and buildings appear sleek and rounded. There is often a shiny or metallic quality to the surfaces, and that formed the starting point for this collection. I spent a lot of time researching for the right fabrics to use, and discovered an amazing duchess satin interwoven with translucent yarns, which produces an extraordinary effect. The textile not only reflects light beautifully in feminine shades of ivory, pinks and violets but also has the sculptural quality of gazar, which allowed my to create architectural shapes and cuts. It's a feminine way of dressing that is incredibly elegant and modern at the same time."  

Saudi designer Nora Al Shaikh showcased at Decades L.A.

Nora Al Shaikh's designs will be on view at Decades throughout the month of August. 

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