Marga Weimans 'Fashion House' at the Groninger Museum

Marga Weimans 'Fashion House' at the Groninger Museum

A fictitious installation of style

Image: Groninger Museum

Creating designs that are more than a little out of the ordinary, Dutch artist and fashion designer Marga Weimans has created an altogether different type of fashion house to be explored

As a graduate at the Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp, Marga Weimans already hails from a place that has launched the career of some of the most creative people in Europe, and within the current exhibition ‘Marga Weimans, Fashion House’ the Dutch designer displays twenty 'outfits', three of which are new designs at Groninger Museum in the Netherlands.

Calling them “spatial installations”, the size and material of her work isn’t in any way similar to that of a dress, and they are anything but obvious, with nothing to do with everyday reality.  

Pulling from six older collections, called names such as 'Wonderland', 'City Life' and 'Aerial' – plus the three new designs, Weimans has really created her own, albeit fictitious, fashion house.

'Marga Weimans, Fashion House' runs until November 23. Visit the Groninger Museum for website for more information.