Louis Vuitton: 'The Art of Gifting'

Louis Vuitton: 'The Art of Gifting'

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Putting on a plumage of fun festivity this season is French fashion house, Louis Vuitton

Making things a little more simple for the season ahead is French fashion house Louis Vuitton with its 'Master the Art of Gifting' – beautifully illustrated holiday tips for wrapping that special something for that special someone.

Louis Vuitton: 'The Art of Gifting' (фото 1)

In tandem with the visuals, the brand has released its plans for stores, too, with 'The Geese that laid the Golden Eggs'. Geese generally tend to travel south for the winter, but this year a flock of heat-seeking Greylags will be spending the winter months in Louis Vuitton's windows, warming their feathers beneath the spotlights. And these are no ordinary geese: this particular rare breed has the unique ability to lay golden eggs, and they will be displaying their precious, shiny cargo alongside Louis Vuitton luggage and ready-to-wear, all through the season.

See the full holiday selection and play the label's fun take on this time of year, the 'Goose's Game' below: