London's new one-stop holiday shop: Prism

London's new one-stop holiday shop: Prism

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Image: Prism

On the Chiltern Street area of Marylebone, sits a new boutique that sells all the items that make up your summer wardrobe, from animal print espadrilles, vintage-style bikinis and unique sunglasses

Launched in 2009, by founder and creative director Anna Laub — an ex-style editor who graduated from Bristol University — Prism is a brand and now store that was born out of a desire for optical glasses that are fashionable and functional.

Laub's love of summer and warm climates, together with a passion for paying attention to detail and function, brought her to develop her minimal aesthetic into producing a range from optical glasses and sunglasses to swimwear and espadrilles. Each item in Prism is even named after the destination it was inspired by.

After first creating the Prism eyewear collection - which celebrates traditional craftsmanship and unique materials - that is hand made in a family run factory in the historic Treviso region of Italy, Laub went on to create swimwear and summer-inspired accessories, following the brand's simplistic yet luxurious ethos.

Prism swimwear is minimalist yet elegant, with simple designs that focus on the perfect fit for each body type, structure and attention to detail, also made in Italy. The collection is also made to mix and match shapes, styles and sizes, creating a unique look every time.

Travel-inspired bags, which focus on function, are made in Spain — from a chic day-to-night handbag to an efficient yet stylish beach bag. Hand-made luxury suede, pony skin and leather espadrilles are also available.



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