Kermès by Donald Drawbertson

Kermès by Donald Drawbertson

Homies take note

Image: AnOtherMag
Image: 2-Times

The painted frog with a chartreuse Birkin catches Buro 24/7's eye

You don't get to the position of 'Head of Creative Development' at Bobbi Brown without being pretty spectacular - Donald Robertson, known on Instagram as Donald Drawbertson is both of these things. During the day he heads creative for beauty super-brand Bobbi Brown, and during the night? He creates witty fashion visuals of course.

Kermès caught Buro 24/7 Middle East's attention when it was featured on AnOtherLoves. A visually quirkier answer to the 'Homies' and 'Celine Me Alone' type homages that have popped up everywhere, Kermès can be seen lounging beneath the Hermès logo as well as jumping from the iconic orange box - Miss Piggy even features.

Kermès by Donald Drawbertson (фото 1)

This could turn out to be more than a moonlighting for Robertson if his recent projects are anything to go by - his hand painted lips were snapped up by Giles Deacon for his S/S14 collection and AnOther have published an interview with the creative this week.

Kermès by Donald Drawbertson (фото 2)

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