Hermès 'Orange Box Observations' video series

Hermès 'Orange Box Observations' video series

Thinking outside the box

Video: Hermès

When it comes to iconic luxury colours, Hermès' box is most definitely one of the most instantly recognisable shades on the spectrum. The heritage house makes the most of it with a new Observatory of Orange campaign video...

Proving its innovative nature, the house of Hermès has launched a new video in an animated campaign series, the Observatory of Orange... Ever since the early 1950's, when the company acquired its carriage-with-horse logo and signature orange boxes, the shade has been synonymous with the super-luxury brand. While Tiffany & Co has its turquoise blue packages (for now, anyway) or the bold bright red with Valentino, or Chanel's monochrome, Hermès' tangerine tone still knows how to impact.

Watch the complete video series below now:

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