Object of desire: Chanel's giant pearl clutch

Object of desire: Chanel's giant pearl clutch

It's a gem


Chanel's Cruise 2014/15 shown in Dubai this week provided a host of iconic moments... And one piece we truly desire

Chanel hosted its Cruise 2014/15 presentation in Dubai this week, and more than a few elements from the event have been spoken about non-stop since.

From the bespoke building framed by an elegant Arabesque-style interlocking lattice, to the shisha in the Bedouin tents on the sand outside, the private Hamdan Island just off the coast of the Emirate produced some iconic moments. However in terms of highlights from the actual collection full of chic Arabian influences, there was one piece that particularly caught our eye.

The giant gem of a clutch bag that referenced the region's history in pearl diving won't be available to buy for a some time yet, is sure to be a very limited edition. In the meantime, we'll contiuie to admire its perfectly chic, Chanel perfection from afar...


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