The Dialogue between Fashion & Surrealism

The Dialogue between Fashion & Surrealism

An inspiring realm of fashion and fantasy

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Image: Anna-Karine Karlsson
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Both fashion and art are in continuous dialogue; fashion has been generating lots of inspirations from the art scene and vise versa, breaking down all boundaries between both creative worlds

One of the most influential cultural movements is 'Surrealism', which we still see in the current contemporary fashion, especially by famed luxury brands such as Prada, Victor and Rolf, and many others.

Surrealism started in Paris, and it came out of the Dada movement, some of its features that it carries an element of surprise, which is sometime shocking, and unexpected. During the 20s, Paris was the cultural center for all the intellectual people, designers, writers, and artists, and that created a right environment for cross exchange projects between art and design, leading to some of the major collaborations within the frame of surrealism. 

One of the most remarkable collaborations between a designer and an artist is the one between the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli and the artist Salvador Dali. They have both truly contributed in creating a treasure of projects in surrealism, such as The Lobster Dress (1937), Wallis Simpson has worn this dress in series of photographs before her marriage to Edward VIII, The Skeleton Dress (1938), which was part of Schiaparelli's Circus Collection, and the Shoes Hat (1937), that was worn by Schiaparelli herself and Daisy Fellowes.  

Khulood Thani column fashion and surrealism

The Meat Dress 

One could say that surrealism has been evolving among the years in areas of fashion, design and art, finding its ways even in our current time and maybe now in more contemporary approach.

In 1937, Elsa and Dali has collaborated in a dress named "Tear Flesh", which was a pale blue dress with a veil, with prints of flesh, and then in 1987, we have seen (Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic) for the Canadian artist Jana Sterbak, she created a dress made of real meat made out of 50-60 pounds raw sewn flank steak. And later in 2010, Lady Gaga has appeared also in a meat dress the MTV Video Music Awards designed by Franc Fernandez.

Khulood Thani column fashion and surrealism

Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic

There is a wide variety of contemporary designers who also have a touch of surrealism in their designs, such as the jewellery designer, Delfina Delettrez, who launched her collection in 2007. Delettrez' collections are usually inspired by her childhood in a surrealist way, as she incorporates frogs, skulls, eyes, fierce animals and poisonous insects into her designs.

The eyewear designer, Anna-Karin Karlsson's, also creates unique shapes, incorporating animals and flowers into her designs, this year she also introduced the 'The Year of the Horse', symbolizing the horse as a frame for the sunglasses.

Khulood Thani column fashion and surrealism

Anna-Karine Karlsson

Known as one of the most influential cultural movements surrealism will continue inspiring creatives from different disciplines, assuming there will be more surrealism approaching in  upcoming design trends, especially after the happening of 'Surrealism and the Object' in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris which held some of the richest surrealism content.

A variety of other surrealist exhibitions are also set to open in the US, Sweden and London, dedicated to this movement in particular. 




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