A closer look at Shamsa Alabbar's latest fine jewellery collections

A closer look at Shamsa Alabbar's latest fine jewellery collections

Launched at VFDE 2014

Image: Zainab AlHammadi

Fast making the concept of 'unusual beauty' a recognisable design signature in beautifully made jewellery pieces, Shamsa Alabbar presented a selection of edited collections at VFDE this weekend

Emirati designer Shamsa Alabbar has been on Buro 24/7's radar for quite some time, after launching her impressive collection of eponymous fine jewellery at Symphony in Dubai a year ago, to a more recent collaboration with little old us in celebration of Eit-Al-Fitr.

This past weekend the talented creative showcased her most up-to-date edit of delicately wearable pieces at the city's Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience (VFDE).

Join us and explore the series of collections below, now: 


The Asymmetry Collection

With abstract shapes taken from the letters of Alabbar's classic collection, this edit forms a unique asymmetric aesthetic, all the while balanced and complete in itself.

The Bar Collection

Again with abstract shapes taken from the letters of her much-referenced classic items, this time the designer repeats them into a bar form, and draws inspiration from traditional Emirati jewellery.

The Minimalist Collection

With this selection we are presented with a varied adaptation of Arabic typography, based on vertical and horizontal lines creating a simplified version of traditional lettering.

The Tri-Crop Collection

Working with another adaptation of Arabic typography – formed by cropping the letters using a triangular shape, Alabbar creates modern form that resembles just a hint of the Arabic letter.

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