The 'Archi Dior' jewellery collection re-imagined over archive photos

The 'Archi Dior' jewellery collection re-imagined over archive photos

By multi-media artist Linder Sterling

Image: Linder Sterling

A series of stunning photographic collages by Linder Sterling makes interesting links between the latest Archi Dior high jewellery collection and the fashion house’s history...

Head of Dior Jewellery, Victoire de Castellane, has most recently designed a collection entitled Archi Dior, inspired specifically by the iconic couture designs of the famed fashion house.

Each jewelled piece is in line with a graphic, tailored silhouette that introduced a fresh, sharp style to Christian Dior's riveted post-war audience, at the time when he devised the concept of a 'New Look' in 1945.

"In five minutes I knew which sketches I could translate into jewellery." – Victoire de Castellane

Before starting work on the collection, de Castellane visited the Dior archives for inspiration, "I made up my mind really quickly," she says. "In five minutes I knew which sketches I could translate into jewellery."

The jewels (of which a closer look were introduced by Buro 24/7 in July), when placed over Christian Dior's original pencil drawings, with the folds and pleats of fabric re-imagined as precious jewellery pieces. De Castellane says that they're, "compact and strong. Each piece is a statement. I imagine them being worn by an independent woman."

This year sees a beautiful twist to the project, by way of the brand commissioning a series of collages by the artist Linder Sterling, a multi-media British artist whose profile rose during the 1970s, then railing against female exploitation through her provocative and often explicit art concerning female body. 

Dior’s jewellery visions

Now, Sterling created a series of 10 collages, which she describes as "creative conversations".

They work in three layers: first, the original 1940s photographs of Dior models; second, de Castellane's jewellery interpretation; and finally Sterling's placement of the cut-out photographs of the jewels. It's simple to see how the shapes of the Archi Dior pieces came to being.

The project began in February, before she spent two months playing with combinations of archival photographs and cut-outs before making any final decisions. "I walked away from it all for a while to let the possibilities settle before returning to the collages in late spring, when I made the selection," she explains.

Explore the beautiful images and jewellery collection below, now:

Dior’s jewellery visions

Dior’s jewellery visions

Dior’s jewellery visions

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