A new name in fashion: Peter Movrin

A new name in fashion: Peter Movrin

The perception of clothing as adornment pieces

Image: Peter Movrin

Welcome to the work of Peter Movrin, known for his impressive pieces with larger than life silhouettes. His work has won numerous prizes and was part of exhibitions such as the MoBa Biennale, where his graduation collection was shown next to Jean Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela and Prada...

In Buro 24/7's A New Name In Fashion series, we like to highlight the unusual and avant garde, and the work of Peter Movrin is no exception.  

This collection's basic premise is that clothing should be regarded as, "adornment for the body, as precious as jewellery, thus transcending the norms of fast and furious ready-to-wear."

A new name in fashion: Peter Movrin (фото 1)

It's derived from the notion that a quintessential bourgeois piece such as the pearl necklace can actually produce an effect on the skin much alike that of a body mutilation or scar. While researching the Ethiopian tribes' practice of body scarification or decoration the polished sculptures of Constantin Brâncuși kept appearing for Movrin, and this is what the collection is based on.

The result is a very tactile, monochromatic edit where - through manipulation and deformation - garments become hidden jewellery pieces. 

A new name in fashion: Peter Movrin (фото 2)

A new name in fashion: Peter Movrin (фото 3)

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