A new name in fashion: House of Nomad

A new name in fashion: House of Nomad

"Not all those who wander are lost"

Image: House of Nomad

An innovative casual fashion brand based in Dubai has launched, co-founded by friends Ahmed El-Sayed and Saleh Al-Banna

After completeing their studies separately, creative duo and friends Ahmed El-Sayed and Saleh Al-Banna decided to join forces in design. El-Sayed graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar while Al-Banna has a degree in Graphic Design from The American University in Dubai.

Together they have launched the House of Nomad, an edit of separate pieces, some of which promote the word 'Nomad' in Arabic across the front or back chest – a symbolic name for the brand.

"A wanderer with no geographic boundaries, like the original inhabitants of Dubai, who were in perpetual motion from one temporary dwelling to another..." states the label, "The outlook that we want to communicate how we're all essentially nomads in our life by our choice of dress, which in turn inspires the creative process for our collection. The pieces in our latest collection range from skirts, jackets, sweaters and pants, conveying simple yet bold design choices, whether it's through the nude flesh tone colour that works like a canvas, or the calligraphy, proudly asserting our cultural DNA."


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