Rick Owens unveils $2,000 Worry Bead for Spring/Summer 15

Rick Owens unveils $2,000 Worry Bead for Spring/Summer 15

Don't worry, about a thing...

Rick Owens has unveiled a new singular Worry Bead for his Spring/Summer 15 accessories collection, and it's priced at a cool $1,918...

Rick Owens previous ventures outside of the realms of fashion have included unique objects such as a $15,000 skate deck, so we are not too surprised to learn about his recent offering...

The designer's new Spring/Summer 15 accessories collection features a singular Worry Bead (pictured above) measuring at 7cm and is priced at just under $2,000. Worry beads are of Greek origin and are usually on a string, which are designed to occupy your hands when worried and to pass the time. They are also a mark of power and social prestige in Greek culture and are used as an amulet, to guard against bad luck. The Rick Owens Worry Bead is now available on the eccentric designers website. 

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