Object of desire: 3 Gucci bags for Chinese New Year

Object of desire: 3 Gucci bags for Chinese New Year

The year of the horse

Image: Gucci

According to Chinese zodiac the year of the horse starts from 31 January 2014 for the Lunar New Year

As we approach the Chinese New Year we are celebrating all things equestrian, and what better way to honour the year of the horse than with an iconic Gucci bag?

The bamboo bag (pictured above) - the original gucci handbag - is a small constructed beauty crafted in leather with a curved handle that resembled a bowed bamboo horse-riding whip. The design, inspired by a horse-riding saddle was worn by countless stars during the 1950's and 60's and beyond. There is only one piece of the new bamboo bag available in gold pearl crocodile at Gucci Mall of the Emirates. 

 3 Gucci bags for Chinese New Year

Alternatively there is the Crocodile Stirrup Handbag, which is inspired by an iconic model from 1975. Echoing the house's riding heritage the overall shape and detailing in light gold hardware on the front panel captures a stirrup. With only one limited edition piece in pink pearl that can be purchased at the Gucci Dubai Mall store. 

 3 Gucci bags for Chinese New Year

Lastly the Horsebit - more specifically the miniature horsebit - which is composed of a double ring and a bar, and was used in the 1950's as a decorative motif for closures on leather purses with saddle stitching. This design became one of the most iconic elements that Gucci took from the equestrian world and is available at Gucci boutiques worldwide. 

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