Moynat Paris designs exclusive trunk for the Middle East

Moynat Paris designs exclusive trunk for the Middle East

To store the Holy Quran

Text: Maddison Glendinning

Iconic French leathergoods brand Moynat has just released an exclusive trunk for the Middle East. Discover it below...

Moynat Paris is one of the most renowned leathergoods brands in the world. Originating in Paris more than 160 years ago, the brand has since become famous for its vintage trunks. Offering customers the height of luxury, the trunks (all of which can be personalised)  are only available via special order and are made-to-measure.

Having recently opened a new store in The Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue extension, the brand is furthering its offering for its Middle Eastern customers with the introduction of a brand new trunk dedicated to the region.

The Trunk Al Noor is the first trunk made for the Middle East and it is specifically made-to-measure to fit the Holy Quran. The outside of the trunk is finished in the brand's signature leather whilst the inside is crafted with plush velvet. The most impressive detail however is the in-built mechanism that elevates the Quran once the trunk is opened. 

The Trunk Al Noor is now available for special orders in the Moynat store in The Dubai Mall. 

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