Montblanc celebrates 90 years of the iconic Meisterstück pen in Dubai

Montblanc celebrates 90 years of the iconic Meisterstück pen in Dubai

Honouring a symbol of the brand’s core values

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The world-renowned luxury German house Montblanc celebrates its iconic pen from 1924 by introducing a special-edition 'Meisterstück' collection

Yesterday, in celebration of Montblanc's iconic Meisterstück pen, the RIRA Gallery in Dubai's DIFC held a special press conference to introduce new styles to the collection, marking 90 years of the iconic writing instrument...

Ranked among the world's most famous luxury items, the Meisterstück fountain pen has long been a symbol of Montblanc's ethos of the finest craftsmanship, traditional manufacturing techniques, refined aesthetics, precious materials and the best functionality.

Today, Montblanc's same vision strives towards the future of luxury writing instruments as the brand unveils its 90th anniversary collection.

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The new Meisterstück Collection is a unique selection of supple leather goods, decadent timepieces, refined jewellery and of course its latest Meisterstück writing instruments.

The Meisterstück pen was first manufactured in Hamburg in 1924, with the new collection featuring a series of models. The special edition assortment include the quintessential 149 Fountain Pen, the Classique and LeGrand Fountain pens and the Rollerball and Ballpoint.

Only available for the year of the anniversary – starting this May – each pen is equipped with Montblanc's luxurious elements, from the mother-of-pearl Montblanc emblem and red gold-plated fittings to the Au750 gold nibs with a special 90 Years design on it. 

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