Monic Vinader debuts new Fiji Friendship collection

Monic Vinader debuts new Fiji Friendship collection

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Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Monica Vinader

What does a friendship, fiji and fine jewellery have in common? Read on to find out...

A friendship can be as fabulous and fun as a new Monica Vinader bracelet, literally. The British jewellery designer has just released a new series of sterling silver, 18ct rose and yellow gold bracelets, aptly titled the Fiji Friendship collection. The five-strong set depicts Vinader's ultimate colour wheel of emotions, which tie in with the vibrant landscape of the island archipelago.

Discover the pretty and powerful pieces here with Buro 24/7 Middle East and decide which emotion best reflects the friendship you have with your BFF.

The new Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship bracelet collection is available for a limited time only at the Monica Vinader flasghip store in Mall of the Emirates and on

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