Meet our new accessories crush – Forms Studio

Meet our new accessories crush – Forms Studio

Architectural arm candy

Anastasia Komarova’s Forms Studio accessories line is redefining the building-blocks of design, applying her architectural know-how to a collection of covetable leather accessories…

We have seriously fallen for the unique creations of Forms Studio – handcrafted leather accessories with an architectural touch, designed by Moscow-based, Anastasia Komarova. An architect by trade, Komarova, applies her structural sense of form to create some inspiring bags and accessories

Approaching each creation as "an object of imaginative perception," everything she knows about surfaces and volumes is translated into an artistic, yet precise fashion application that is irresistibly tactile. Komarova has even created her own unique technology to bring these designs to life. The production combines high-quality Swiss fittings and custom made details shaped from Italian leather.

Discover the creative collections via our galleries below... 

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