First look: Fendi's new charitable Peekaboo collection

First look: Fendi's new charitable Peekaboo collection

Celebrating the Italian label's new UK flagship

Image: Fendi

Fendi has officially launched its new charitable initiative, the Peekaboo Project - a line of celebrity-designed handbags that will benefit the Kids Company, a charity for child abuse victims

This May, Fendi was able to gather 10 world-renowned celebrities  from actresses and musicians to models and architects  to design 10 limited-edition versions of the label's iconic Peekabo bag, that are set to be auctioned off at the end of the month.

The unique handbags each represent its creator's personal style and vision. Jerry Hall created a bright red croc-embossed bag inspired by Chinese culture, while  Naomie Harris' monochrome embroidered butterfly Peekaboo reads, "Truth, Love, Freedom" in delicate bead-work.

Georgie May Jagger even silkscreened a photo she took herself onto her version - decorating it with an abundance of sequins. Singer Adele's eccentric Peekaboo is decorated with a set of flirty eyelashes and rainbow-coloured studs. Zaha Hadid took an architectural approach on her accessory with layers-upon-layers of charcoal-colour leather.

The creative charitable collection — that will be on display at Fendi's London flagship — will have starting bids at £25,000, with the highest bids going for Zaha Hadid's handbag at around $30,000 and Gwyneth Paltrow's white reptile-embossed Peekaboo selling for approximately $33,000. 



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