5 accessories to buy this September

5 accessories to buy this September

Your finishing touches defined

Buro 24/7 runs down the five must-have pieces to get one through the season ahead... It's time to accessorise, darling

The catwalks may be kicking off for fashion month across the globe – signalling a new start for so many designer labels and brands – there are, however, a few items we want to establish in our wardrobes first. And in no particular order, let's begin:

5 accessories to buy this September (фото 1)

A personalised Burberry poncho

From Olivia 'OP' Palermo to Miroslava 'MD' Duma, the most stylish celebrities on the circuit have been spotted sporting a giant, snug-looking, and (most important to note) personally monogrammed poncho in Burberry's signature check. We want in.


 5 accessories to buy

An iPhone 6

Unless you have been living on the moon for the past year or have absolutely no awareness of modern technology whatsoever, you'll know that the iPhone 6 is coming... And it's coming now. Will it live up to the hype? Will Samsung ever manage to keep up? Only a new iOS system and upgraded features will tell.


 5 accessories to buy

Dior's embellished sneakers

Fashion x sport hybrid products are nothing new, especially when it comes to talking the language of brands reworking sneakers. But these babies by Dior? These are fresh, meant in the most un-ironic way. Wear with anything outfit to add a cool, bejewelled, kick.

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Natasha Zinko's gold embellished headpiece

Giving new meaning to fashion's favourite 'quirky' addition (bunny ears), Buro's own favourite Natasha Zinko has devised a cool new way to wear them – on a chic headband, that resembles a tiara. What's not to love?


 5 accessories to buy

Chanel's milk carton bag

Chanel's Autumn/Winter 14 supermarket set-up included shelves filled with cleverly labelled props such as 'Coco Flakes' and 'Little Black Tea' – and the fun didn't stop there, appearing on the runway in the form of this to-die-for coconut milk carton clutch bag. Delicious.

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