Why do sunglasses make people look more attractive?

Why do sunglasses make people look more attractive?

An NYC magazine cracks the mysterious code

Image: Beauty Bargainista

Have you ever wondered how and why sunglasses manage to transform your face? Now, 'The New York Magazine’s' Science of Us explores the topic, coming up with a few interesting answers…

Coming in a rainbow of colours and variety of different shapes and styles, sunglasses are one accessory we always have with us, from making us feel glamorous to hiding unwanted bags under eyes.

However there is still the unanswered question of why sunglasses can instantly morph a person's face, this week The New York Magazine gives its best at understanding the eyewear enigma.

They add structure to your face – The sharp angles of sunglasses help to add structure to your face, giving you chiseled jaws and cheekbones, depending on the glasses style.

They add an air of  mystery – The eyes are known to be the windows to the soul, so when someone covers them with dark lenses it make the wearer seem mysterious and confident.

"The eyes are such a tremendous source of information - and vulnerability - for the human being," said Vanessa Brown, a university lecturer. "Hiding them makes you more like a puzzle that needs to be solved. And for the wearer, shades make us feel somewhat invisible that we can get away with much more with them than without."

They make the wearer look edgy and glamorous – Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities, Hollywood stars from the 1950s started wearing sunglasses to defend themselves from being recognized by the public or stalked by paparazzi, which has gone on to give sunglasses a certain 'cool factor'.





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