The world's second most expensive bag costs $178,000

The world's second most expensive bag costs $178,000

With a 1,000 year guarantee

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With enough room to store a reasonable amount of cash – should you have any left after purchasing – the world's second most expensive handbag has been revealed by House of Borgezie

While it may not be the world’s most expensive – an accolade that goes to House of Mouawad's heart-shaped handbag adorned with over 4,000 diamonds and estimated to be worth $3.8 million – the second billing, the 'Clutch Bag le Palais' as part of the Borgezie Treasures range is much more attractive and, if you'll pardon the pun, purse-friendly. Moreover, it comes with a 1,000 year guarantee. Sounds quite sensible, really.

Created over 100 hours by a team of highly skilled goldsmiths and diamond setters, this elegant handbag is designed to emulate a palace and kitted out with 345 diamonds and 18-carat-gold clasps... And of course, a powder blue butterfly. Inspired by the Buckingham Palace gates, it bears a geometric design replete with bars and the House of Borgezie’s coat of arms. 

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