Must-see: Bulgari presents Bella's Divas' Dream

Classic, contemporary, coveted

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Editor: Shannon Wylie

Image: Bulgari

Bulgari has fused jewellery-making artisanship and leatherwork to create a bag that's set to rule the season. Introducing the Divas' Dream bag...

Bulgari presents the Divas' Dream bag, the must-have seasonal accessory that combines classic craftsmanship with a touch of inspiration from ancient Roman art. Here, the signature fan-shaped jewel from the Diva Dream collection takes centretage as an enamel clasp, adding unique style and sophistication to the ultimate luxury everyday bag.   

For the discerning client, two versions of the bag are available: The Quilted Diva and the Mottled Python Diva. The quilted variation, which comes in black, linen agate and jazzy tourmaline, features nappa leather with an injection of contemporary edginess courtesy of metal studs. Meanwhile, the Mottled Python Diva edition utilises a combination of agate stone and liquid metal foil to truly bring out the fine and intricate patterns that appear on the skin.

To showcase the coveted bags, Bulgari turned to its newest accessories ambassador, Bella Hadid, and famed photographer Terry Richardson for a must-see visual campaign. Discover the Bulgari Divas' Dream bag campaign now...

Bulgari Divas' Dream with Bella Hadid

Bulgari Divas' Dream with Bella Hadid

Bulgari Divas' Dream with Bella Hadid

Then, browse the collection of coveted colours...

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