A new name in fashion: Salama Khalfan

A new name in fashion: Salama Khalfan

The horse whisperer

Introducing a new name in fashion, Dubai based designer – Salama Khalfan. Debuting her stunning Ottoman Empire inspired equestrian fine jewellery collection, made in her native Dubai, Paris and Florence. Discover the stunning collection here...

Meet Salama Khalfan, the Dubai based fine jewellery designer whos unique combination of passions and artistic background are set to light up the fine jewellery landscape. 

Khalfan channels equine elegance in her debut Artalana Collection. The beautiful necklace, earring, bracelet and extensive ring designs take the form of stunning chaligraphic motifs that allude to the majesty of Arabian horses. The use of the unmistakably lucky horse shoe emblem pervades the collection. Precious stones illuminate the designs, diamonds and red gems shine and bring an antique Ottoman feel to the pieces. 

Designed and made between Paris, Dubai, and Florence; Alezan by SK links the authenticity of craftsmanship, and quality of fabrication in its Artalana Collection. We think Salama Khalfan is one to watch.

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