Saint Laurent launches luxury luggage line

Saint Laurent launches luxury luggage line

Jet-setting chic at its finest

Image: Hype Beast

Saint Laurent has recently unveiled its new line of luxury bags and luggage... Step forward, the Monogram Luggage Collection

Hedi Slimane is on to a winning streak, as he reveals his edited take on a new line of accessories, all crafted simply from leather and canvas and featuring a new Saint Laurent printed logo running across each piece.

The Monogram Luggage Collection is an elegant combination of 50s jet-set styles and subtle modernity. Boasting an array of duffles, totes, briefcases and clothes bags, each monogrammed accessory has finer discreet details such as tubular handles, shoulder straps, and a leather lock case.

The collection which is made in Italy, will be released at Saint Laurent stores from April 25, with pre-orders being taken on the brand's website now.