One to watch: Baraboux, plus why you need their bags now

One to watch: Baraboux, plus why you need their bags now

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Editor: Shannon Wylie

Baraboux have been on the Buro 24/7 radar since Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud created the concept. Now, we sit down to discuss the creations with the woman who is taking the brand to new formidable heights, Mimi Fraser – Baraboux bag in hand!

D ubai is oozing with opulent emerging handbag designers but if there's one core carry-all that you need now, it's undoubtedly, Baraboux. Founded by Saudi Arabian Princess Reema Bandar Al Saud, the Saudi-launched, Dubai-based, Italian-made creations are a cut above the rest when it comes to functional fashion. Seriously, one outing with these designs will have you questioning whether you really understood the purpose of a handbag, until now. Here, we speak to Mimi Fraser, Baraboux's Managing Director, about the forward-thinking designs of the SS17 collection, why the Middle East speaks the language of luxury and how handbags make travel haute...

Baraboux has just shown at Paris Fashion Week. What was your view on the week?

Paris Fashion Week was very inspiring this season. The collections were reminiscent of the opulent 80's - feminine, cool, strong and a sense of reckless abandon. 

You've designed a new luggage range. Tell us about that?

The luggage range is a natural product category for the woman on the move. Our carry-on trolley incorporates an internal packing solution with removable cubes making nesting into your destination super easy. 

Baraboux is designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the modern nomad and make function feel like a luxury. 

Baraboux originated in Saudi and is now available worldwide. What's the perception of brands based in the Middle East?

I think there is a romantic curiosity about Middle Eastern brands. As a whole, brands from this region have a feeling of femininity, intrigue and luxury — this is an international language. 

What's your favourite piece from the current collection and why? 

I'm in love with our new python and canvas trolley with the matching Sharifa bag that sits on top. It reminds me of the days when travel was elegant and glamorous but with all of our modern needs. 

You've designed ingenious pouches and pockets, which is just one of the reasons why Baraboux is a must-have. Now you have new chains too. Tell us about the design elements of Baraboux that set it apart...

We are really passionate about the colours and the materials. We work with incredible artisans in Florence to create our own materials each season so they are unique. Colour and tone is so important! They not only need to be versatile in terms of clothing but they need to compliment the person carrying the handbag. It should make you feel more beautiful. 

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