Most wanted: Olympia Le Tan's 'High Days & Holidays' clutch

Most wanted: Olympia Le Tan's 'High Days & Holidays' clutch

Judged by its cover

A super colourful clutch by the eclectic designer recreates a children's story book by Eleanor Graham as a chic summer accessory

We've always loved the felt-fabric minaudières inspired by the covers of literary classics by Olympia Le Tan, ever since their launch back in September 2009 – seeing some cool collaborations along the way.

Whimsical pieces that soon popped up all over the red carpet, they are witty and chic all at once (the best combination, we're sure you'll agree) and this year, the designer has brought out an annual collection – including the High Days & Holidays minaudière, available exclusively via Net-a-Porter.

An intricately embroidered box clutch based on a short story book by 1930s author Eleanor Graham, it's the ideal way to polish off that summer dress with panache.

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