Cartier presents a limited edition 'Jeanne Toussaint' to the Middle East

Cartier presents a limited edition 'Jeanne Toussaint' to the Middle East

Only 130 produced

Image: Cartier

Adding a bespoke and beautiful green style exclusively for the Middle East, Cartier is celebrating its historic Jeanne Toussaint collection...

Naming an entire collection after its muse, Cartier's handbag designs are a nod to Jeanne Toussaint – a great lady whose celebrated taste made her a figurehead of modern jewellery.

However, the house states that the shape and style of the items are, "no homage, rather an artistic dedication, a declaration of absolute elegance, a rare blend of freedom and sophistication." And we have to agree.

With one design in particular in a bold green hue, created exclusively for the Middle East and limited to just 130 pieces, the style affirms Cartier's great affiliation with the region, a creation of the utmost luxury.

Half crocodile and half smooth leather, the bags layer different materials and are styled in a blend of colour tones, aside from the aforementioned green – shown in the gallery below.

Cartier The Jeanne Toussaint

Cartier The Jeanne Toussaint

Boasting two handles, a generous full-leather design, hand-sewn bar tack and a base with a zipped compartment, a 'Jeanne Toussaint' on one's arm adds a touch of graceful allure to any journey it embarks upon with its wearer, thanks to the precious comfort of its production secrets, the "silence of its clasps" and the clever ways it can be worn... 

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