Fendi's Bag Bugs - A Short Film

Fendi's Bag Bugs - A Short Film

A bit of fun with furry friends

Image: Fendi
Image: YouTube

The Italian fashion house welcomes its cute additions with a fun short film

It's all eyes on Fendi this season, as the luxury label introduces 'Fendi's Bag Bugs', a special collection of small furry 'meteorite-like' lucky charms, which come in fox and mink.

To mark the event, Fendi have released a cute animated film in which each Bag Bug is brought to life, and each with their own personalities from 'The Funny' and 'The Snob' to 'The Savage' and 'The Playful'.

Two 'love-bugs' even share an embrace and one poses as its fur is ruffled by a wind machine... 

The bugs are available from FENDI boutiques throughout the region, and at

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