Exclusive: The Fendi ABC Charms

Fendi fun

Image: Fendi

The Fendi pom pom is back with a new playful personalisation purpose and Buro 24/7 Middle East is the first in the region to show you how to create your own namesake...

The Fendi bag charm has been the must-have accessory add-on this past few seasons — think cute crazy characters attached to bags the world over. Now, from the original pom pom comes the bag bugs charms, your newest furry friend aptly named the ABC Charm. Designed to add a touch of playful fun and colour to your look, Fendi's newest creation offers you the chance to personalise your bag with any and every letter from the alphabet. Watch the ABC Charm campaign video, which has been released exclusively in the Middle East to Buro 24/7 now and take a peek at how we created our own charming characters...

Exclusive: The Fendi ABC Charms (фото 1)

The Fendi ABC Charms are now available in all Fendi boutiques across the Middle East.