First look: The Christian Louboutin x La Maison Rose bag

First look: The Christian Louboutin x La Maison Rose bag

From Africa, with love

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin and Valerie Schlumberger have collaborated with the women of the La Maison Rose charity to create something with happiness, love and joy...

Known for his trademark red sole shoes, the man behind the eponymous label, Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Valerie Schlumberger and the French charity, La Maison Rose, to create the Africaba bag. Speaking about the collaboration, Louboutin says: "The fact is that my work is concerned with women, so when involved in charitable projects, it almost always involves those which help women and aim to gain them greater independence." The idea behind the bag is also one with a positive message. "The words I associate with the Africaba are Bonheur/Happiness, L'Amour/Love, Joie/Joy and Reve/To dream," explains Louboutin, which is the very essence behind Schlumberger's work in Africa.

Schlumberger, who met Louboutin in the late seventies, is known for her work in Dakar, where she built a sanctuary for young mothers and babies. It was during this time that the traditional art of Senegalese embroidery and craftsmanship came to light — a technique used in the making of the Africaba bag.

"Why has it taken my friend Christian and I so long to work together? Life is like that," says Schlumberger. "I work with very poor women who are just learning the skill of embroidery. His customer expects the highest quality. Even when I said: 'We're ready. Let's do it', it still took us three more years to achieve the best samples and then to fulfill the first order. And now, we are ready for more!" she adds. 

First look: The Christian Louboutin x La Maison Rose bag (фото 1)

The bespoke bag, with its brightly toned hues, is a mix and match of prints, embroidery and leather from Italy, complete with Louboutin's signature spikes and logo. What's more is 10 percent of the profits of each Africaba will contribute to furthering the education of women within the foundation. 

First look: The Christian Louboutin x La Maison Rose bag (фото 2)

The exclusive limited edition Africaba bag is available at select Christian Louboutin boutiques across the Middle East and at

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