Exclusive: Fendi's Eyeshine campaign with Coeur de Pirate

Exclusive: Fendi's Eyeshine campaign with Coeur de Pirate

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Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Fendi

The first look at Fendi's Spring/Summer 2016 EyeShine sunglass campaign with Coeur de Pirate is here and the video is well worth the watch...

Fendi have collaborated with Coeur de Pirate (Béatrice Martin)the French-Canadian singer and songwriter, to create a note-worthy campaign showing the brand's latest eyewear. In the video "Undone", Martin is cloaked in a cape wearing the Fendi SS16 EyeShine sunglasses. Acting as a priestess, who paints her face gold, the singer simply showcases the cateye-esque shades, which are a tribute to the magnitude of the sun and its light.

"The Fendi EyeShine sunglasses have a magical feel," said Martin. "I really love the Fendi EyeShine sunglasses because they are mysterious as shown inside the 'Undone' video, a cult object letting one keep anonymity or dazzle in the crowd," she continued.

The video won't be available on until April 27th, which means you're seeing it on Buro 24/7 Middle East for the first time now...

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