Discover Bulgari's Spring/Summer '17 collection

Discover Bulgari's Spring/Summer '17 collection


Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Bulgari

The new seasonal collection by Bulgari showcases heritage with savoir faire and here's why you need it now...

Luxury accessories brand Bulgari has unveiled its Spring/Summer '17 collection inspired by nature from flora to fauna. This season, the spotlight falls on two of its iconic collections –Serpenti and Bulgari Bulgari – as the maison's savoir faire and passion for vibrant colours are put to the fore.

Bulgari Spring/Summer '17 collection

Throughout the years, Bulgari has looked towards its archives for design influences and the new collection saw a repeat of that process with the introduction of the new kaleidoscopic Serpentage bag, which drew inspiration from the 1965 bracelet-watch featuring different coloured enamels. Other highlights in the new collection for Spring/Summer '17 include the mosaic Floralia bag, the texture-centric Quilted Scaglie bag, the beaded Scaglie Beads bag and the Serpenti Viper, which now comes in a miniature size.

Bulgari Spring/Summer '17 collection

Meanwhile, the focus of the Bulgari Bulgari collection is arguably on the Perspicio bag, the maison's interpretation of blooming flora as it combines with fine materials including gold, white agate and calf leather. Apart from the Serpenti and Bulgari Bulgari lines, the Spring/Summer '17 collection also features eyewear, silk scarves as well as several evening bags.

Discover the Spring/Summer '17 collection now...

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