Women will be able to drive trucks and motorcycles in Saudi Arabia

Women will be able to drive trucks and motorcycles in Saudi Arabia

Another historic change

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Ahd Kamel

It's been a year filled with a series of positive changes from Saudi Arabia and now the Kingdom has announced one more historic decision before the year comes to an end...

Saudi Arabia has implemented a series of momentous changes in recent years — like breaking a Guinness World Record, electing its first female politician and allowing women to work from home. And this year in particular has seen some historic announcements come out of the Kingdom, including the lifting of the ban on women driving, allowing women into sports stadiums and the repealing of the ban on cinemas allowing them to re-open come 2018

Now, building on the lifting of the ban on women driving, the Kingdom has announced that it will allow women to operate other vehicles including trucks and motorcycles.

Set to come into effect next year, the new law will see women treated equally on the roads, however any violations will be addressed by a special police unit. 

According to The National, "new details also made references to how GCC-issued licenses could be swapped for Saudi Arabian driving permits, however, the details on whether that applies to expatriate women is still unknown." 

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