Victoria Beckham makes speech for the United Nations

Victoria Beckham makes speech for the United Nations

At the General Assembly in New York

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Victoria Beckham caps off an incredibly busy week with a speech in New York yesterday, specifically talking about the continued fight against AIDS for her new role as a UN ambassador

Victoria Beckham jetted from London to New York this week following the lead up to her Dover Street store debut, to make another first – a speech as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador at the organisation's General Assembly in the Big Apple yesterday.

Victoria Beckham makes speech for the UN

Supporting the UNAIDS campaign, Beckham took to the podium alongside executive director Michel Sidibé, joining a day of discussions on global issues from the Ebola crisis to the distribution of the world food programme. 
Victoria Beckham makes speech for the UN

The three day long event closes on Saturday night with a speech from the Secretary-General at the Global Citizen Festival concert, headlined by Jay Z and No Doubt. It has left Beckham now standing shoulder to shoulder with ambassadors such as Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson, who have also used their status to draw attention to United Nations causes recently.

"South Africa was a huge turning point for me. And I don't know, why has it taken for me to get to 40 years old to realise I need to stand up? I need to use what I have to make a difference," Beckham said.

"For some reason, people will listen to what I have to say, so I'm going to speak on behalf of the incredible women who have HIV and are caring for children," she added.

Watch the passionate speech below, now:

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