V&A stages 'What is Luxury' exhibition in London

V&A stages 'What is Luxury' exhibition in London

Joining the luxury debate

The 'L' word seems to be all anyone is talking about at the moment and V&A museum wants to delve further in the luxury debate with its new exhibition – 'What is luxury?' looking at luxury through the context of space, individualism and culture and economy. Find out more here...

Joining the current luxury debate is the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) with its new exhibition What is Luxury? An examination of the definition of luxury that highlights and questions aspects and interpretations of luxury. You can expect to see plenty of luxurious and beautiful objects but with an added intellectual challenge too...

The exhibition will be divided into four consecutive sections: Creating Luxury, A Space for Time, A Future for Luxury, and What is Your Luxury? The curatorial elements of the exhibition will challenge our initial presumptions about luxury by pairing perceived luxury objects in unusual and contrasting ways. For example a fine mechanical watch might be paired with rich intricate lace. 

V&A stages 'What is Luxury' exhibition in London (фото 1)

Exploring the relationship between time and space and luxury, a section of the exhibition will see luxurious items contextualised within a particular space. And finally the ultimate question: 'What is your luxury?' will highlight the importance of individual freedom, aspiration and dream for any decision about luxury.

The V&A will run a concurrent blog alongside the exhibition to engage in a deeper debate about luxury. The exhibition What is Luxury? is open from April 25 – September 27.