Britain's next £20 note to feature a visual artist

Britain's next £20 note to feature a visual artist

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The UK is preparing to make the £20 note the next exhibition space for visual art. The Bank of England has announced that it is opening nominations for influential British artists to feature one of their works on the legal tender...

When the next design of £20 notes takes place by the Bank of England in three to five years time, you can expect to see a visual artist featured on the paper currency, according to an announcement made by the national bank. Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has said that the bank wants to emphasise the contribution that visual artists have made to British culture

"There are a wealth of individuals within the field of visual arts whose work shaped British thought, innovation, leadership, values, and society and who continue to inspire people today," said Carney. "I greatly look forward to hearing from the public who they would like to celebrate.”

To help Mr Carney decide which artist should be selected, he is calling on the public to nominate artists, who will be put onto a short list compiled by a committee of art experts. The bank is already preparing to release a £10 note featuring classical author, Jane Austen, due to come into circulation in 2017.

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