Watch the new trailer for street artist JR's new film

10 years in the making

French street artist JR has released a trailer for his upcoming film ‘Les Bosquets’, which is based on the story of Ladj Ly and the ‘Les Bosquets’ performance at the New York City Ballet

Inspired by the Les Bosquets performance at the New York City Ballet, renowned street artists JR has directed and produced a movie that is inspired by the story of Ladj Ly and the French suburb riots that happened in 2005. The movie is set in the Monterfermeil ghetto where the 'photograffeur' created his first project Portrait of a Generation.

The artistically directed production has been in the works for ten years and the release will be kept exclusive, with only a few select museums and galleries showing it in the coming months. Take a look at the first trailer above.

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