'Filmophilia: A unique collection of Iranian film art' in Dubai

'Filmophilia: A unique collection of Iranian film art' in Dubai

Work spanning the 50s, 60s and 70s on display

Dubai based creative space The Mine will host a unique event dedicated to showcasing over 80 pieces of art from Iranian cinema

An intriguing, one-time exhibition is being held in Dubai from this Thursday, featuring vintage cinema posters from pre-revolutionary Iran. The rare pieces to go on display range from three decades of work during 50s, 60s and 70s Iran, and will also be available for purchase.

To offer a brief insight to what guests can expect, the “1950s and 1960s posters were predominantly dedicated to portraying movie themes and idolising its stars, those of the first years following the revolution of 1979 were marked by moderation and restrain. Even to the extent that in 1981 — for a short period at least — many of the posters were imageless, barren even, save for a few lines,” states an excerpt from History of Iranian Film Posters by Massoud Mehrabi, 1992.

'Filmophilia: A unique, 80 piece collection of Iranian film art spanning the 60s to the 80s' runs from February 20 at The Mine in Dubai

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