Rising musician Shamir launches 'Call It Off' relationship hotline

A unique and sassy marketing campaign for his latest single

In light of his recent single, singer/songwriter Shamir has launched his very own relationship hotline offering out words of wisdom on all things love related...

Shamir Bailey, the sassy singer/songwriter from Las Vegas has launched his own relationship hotline, inspired by his latest single Call It Off. How does it work? Well, Shamir has set up a phone number that you can call from the the UK or US and leave a voicemail about your love life.

Whether you need advice on 'ride or die boyfriends', 'thirst management', 'sidepiece consultation' or just your regular 'baby daddy' concerns Shamir will be there to help with this unique and hilarious marketing campaign.  The number to call is 800 193 3266 in the UK and in the US 1-844-4SHAMIR and the urban love guru will try and get back to you.

Shamir's debut album Ratchet will be released May 18 with XL. Watch the promotional video above.

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