A screenshot sells for $90,000 on eBay

A screenshot sells for $90,000 on eBay

People will buy anything

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Apparently answering one of life's great questions, a humorous screenshot placed on eBay has fetched a staggering $90,000

What is art? It's a good question – and to prove the point that sometimes anything can pass for it these days, an anonymous seller on eBay answered the question, took a screenshot and put it up for sale.

Somewhat astoundingly, 17 people bidders on eBay think differently and believe it or not, an eBay seller successfully auctioned a framed copy of a poorly captured 4chan entry – a site where users can post pictures and discuss manga and anime. Opening at a minimum bid of $500, the screenshot named “Artwork by Anonymous” finished with a winning bid of $90,900.

The bidding started at $500 and within 36 hours had crossed the $10,000 mark. A combination of human and automatic bids steadily pushed the price higher and the auction ended with the winning bid of $90,900 – for which the user will receive a printout of the screenshot on standard A4 paper, in a frame.

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