Saudi Design Week 2015 announces its call for entries

Saudi Design Week 2015 announces its call for entries

Culture in design

Saudi Design Week have opened the floor for entries for the festival's second year running. Set to take place in May 2015 in Riyadh, it will have a distinctly cultural theme...

Following the success of its inaugural event in February of this year – Saudi Design Week, is ramping up for its follow up, which is to be held in May 2015 in the Saudi Arabian capital. Aiming to build upon the success of the previous year, the next fair has opened its submissions centre and is now accepting entries. 

The upcoming programme is centred around the theme of culture and the role that culture plays in design. The organisers will be asking participants and creative practitioners to explore the notion of identity through design.

“The measure of a civilisation is the strength of its culture, and this is personified in the signification of its cultural identity and cultural objects.” said Brent Richards, international award-winning architect, designer, academic, and polymath.

The festival organisers present the argument that design disciplines have witnessed a level of cultural neglect in recent times, seeing design tend towards globalisation and homogenisation. The emphasis this year is on bringing back cultural influences and distinction through the design process in order to preserve cultural values.  

Saudi Design Week is a festival for design and visual culture. The fair’s program is divided into curated exhibitions, workshops, design forum and several activities all taking place within the context of design. The festival invites both local and international participation in the design of various disciplines, including architecture, fashion, industrial design and typography.

Saudi Design Week call for entry

Saudi Design Week will take place in Riyadh May 6 – 12, 2015